securityGlass Canada offers a number of glass-related products and film coverings that can add an extra measure of safety and security for both commercial and residential applications.


Our security line of 3M films are thicker than standard window tints and offer an increased measure of safety with a film that helps glass resist shattering upon impact. Security films make forced entry or would be break-ins difficult for vandals and thieves, as it can “slow down someone” and discourage smash-and-grab crime. We can also install clear “anti-graffiti” film on your storefront, washroom mirrors & stainless steel fixtures, outdoor signage and any non-porous surfaces you feel could be in threat of damage from graffiti vandals. If your situation is more dangerous, we also install “blast mitigation” film used by banks, casinos, racetracks and police departments. Find out more>>


Fully tempered glass or “toughened” glass can be up to four times harder to break than normal annealed glass, making it ideal for security applications. If broken, tempered safety disintegrates into thousands of very small pieces with dulled edges. This type of clear or coloured glass is ideal for glass facades, sliding doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures and other uses requiring superior strength and safety properties. The use of thicker wired glass and laminated glass can also slow down would-be thieves and enhance the overall security of your home or building. Find out more>>


For commercial property users and apartment building managers, we provide latching hardware, door closers, panic bars and locks from top names like Sergeant, LCN and Von Duprin. For residential homeowners, we also offer theft-resistant front entrance doors, patio doors and locking mechanisms that can deter the most determined thief.

Commercial or residential, whatever your security needs, call Glass Canada at 519.642.0420 to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements. Find out more>>