Screen Enclosures

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Screen Enclosures

  • Glass Window Screen

    Glass Window Screen

Imagine yourself at an outdoor barbeque without mosquitos, in a clean pool without sticks, leaves or dead insects, or lounging on a backyard patio without sunburning.

How can you enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without all the pesky outdoor nuisances?

With a screen enclosure that opens your home and lifestyle by providing a beautiful room or living space you’ll want to spend time in. Something so simple as a screen enclosure becomes a focus for family fun, relaxation and health—it’s like a vacation spot just outside your back-door.

We can design a fully weatherproof solar room, indoor/outdoor area or a totally open screen room for porches, patios, pool areas and apartment balconies. The enclosures come with various grades of screen for wind, shade and UV protection, and are custom designed to suit your requirements and all relevant building codes.

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