Custom Showers

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Custom Glass Showers

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Creating designer bathrooms

With the trend of creating designer bathrooms that double as a spa-like haven for relaxation, Glass Canada welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to a portfolio of glass shower ideas to spark your renovation imagination.

We offer a variety of frameless glass shower enclosures that add a classic touch to any bathroom renovation.

Whether you prefer a privacy shower made of tinted or textured glass, overall or decorative etched appearance, or an open-vista enclosure with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors, we can custom design, build and install any shower space you wish. If you want a steam-room like environment, we can suggest a transom-like window to really enhance the experience. We also supply and install all the hardware for the enclosures.


Call us for a complimentary consultation at 519.642.0420 and let’s get started on your dream bathroom.